Moving from academia to industry — a mathematician’s tale

A picture of a huge library shading into a massive industrial factory floor.
How the transition from acadmy to industry looks like. Combined from Unsplash images. (This one and this one.) Here and in what follows the term ‘industry’ simply refers to any non-academical company or position.

Personal Background

Motivations for the change

The transition


Application submissions

A comparison of a page of an academical CV next to a one page CV. The academical CV is a wall of text, the other not.
For comparison, here are side by side page 2/4 of my ‘academical CV’ ( and my one-page ‘industry CV’ (


A flow chart of the results of various interviews.
Because literally everything is better with Sankey diagrams, and because it’s nice to have some colorful pictures every now and then.




A mathematician trying to make linear algebra think.

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